Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Our first half marathon has been walked

The miles are clocking up - but we need more! 

Most of the girls have only walked a maximum of 9 miles, some only 5 or 6.  We needed a longer walk so we set a new mini challenge - a half marathon!

Caroline has twin boys who go to cadets and they had arranged a sponsored walk to Hornsea on 1st October, raising funds for their Squadron (152) so what better excuse did we need for a long walk.  There were no time restraints so no rush and we've all done enough mini walks to give us the confidence to walk that distance.  We could take it easy and flush out any injuries or problems and deal with them before marathon day next May. 

We had a couple of Follies missing in action, Ray was away on a walking break with his brother-in-law and Tina was having babysitter issues so that left 6 of us to meet at 8:30 at Jayne's house.

The weather was beautifully crisp and the sun was shining with not a cloud in sight, a glorious October morning lay ahead of us and an old railway track heading all the way from Coniston to Hornsea and back was our planned route.  We set off at a decent pace, chatting and enjoying the stunning views along the way, excited to be heading out and looking forward to our fish and chips half way round.  Well come on, you can't go to the East coast of Yorkshire and not get fish and chips?  And lets face it we'd earn the calories!

There were 3 of Carolines friends also walking and as you would expect, she soon dropped back with them because one of the girls had come out without her socks on!  She soon started feeling the effect of the charcoal footing and develped some pretty bad blisters.  We wondered whether she would make it to Hornsea but more importantly whether she would make it back.  The track crosses over roads on the way where the twins and other squadron personel had set up check points to make sure we were OK and replenish our water.  We knew that they would help her if it was required. 

Ray kept us updated with picture messages of some outstanding waterfalls and terrain from his Brecon Beacons walk and we were sending messages back, most of them containing Katy and Jane's bums as they were setting the pace and chatting away merrily ahead of us all. 

I do have to say at this point Jane Sturdy had the best bum bag available to man (so much so she went to the shop and purchased said bag for each Follie member for us to take on the Moonwalk with us).  It was incredible and had EVERYTHING in it!!  Deodorant, food, water, foot balm, suncream (full size!).  We just awaited the cooker and 3 course meal to appear but soon realised the kitchen is Rachel domain so that was never going to happen!  .

The walk when mapped was 15.3 miles ( .  Our first half marathon (and some) had been completed!  We were tired, we were sore, but we were happy and we were smiling.  Annmarie had suffered horrendous blisters even with trainers that had been 'walked in' with walking socks, bless her, but we knew there would be issues and we have time to iron them out.

We laughed until we wee'd (some of us literally!) and we were buzzing.  We had achieved something that 6 months ago none of us thought we would.  We soon worked out that it's OK going to the gym and training there and doing interval training, it all helps towards fitness but we need to get out and walk.  We are planning to set a long walk every 4-6 weeks covering at least 13 miles.  It's good training and it'll keep us all on the level we need to be at to start together and finish together.

To top it all off we raised £152.10 - for Squadron 152.  What a fantastic day!!

Well done Yorkshire Follies, we rock!


Let the challenge begin.


Well we had walked and talked but now it was time to put planning into action and register for our first challenge, the London Moonwalk 2012.

The Follies up to now hadn't ever been in any room all together at the same time so what better day to arrange it for but the opening of London WTW registration day - 29th September 2011.

Our inaugural Follies meeting was therefore arranged, we would meet at The Old Rectory straight from school in the morning and register, go off and do our thing for the day and meet back at 5:30 after work, with children in tow to enjoy a buffet dinner and celebratory drinks on the patio.

All the girls were presented with bags which included a letter of congratulations, a Yorkshire Follies t-shirt and YF pens.  A couple of the girls even had surprise gifts in their bags - Jayne laughs a lot so she got incontinence pads and Tina has a weak bladder so her bag contained a catheter - all good fun and that's just how the girls took it.  What a hoot!

The banter flowed as did the wine and we all had a fantastic night building even stronger bonds.  It was wonderful to get everyone together and finally get that long awaited group photo!!

For the first time since some of us took part in that first walk in June we had finally got together and set our first challenge in stone.  All the things we had been planning in our heads were finally becoming reality.

We have all now been formally accepted onto the Walk the Walk London Moonwalk 2012.  Now the REAL training begins, working as a team, finishing what we started, together!

I even made a cake for the event!

The laughter flowed, with yet more wine, as did the ideas for not only our fund raising but our outfits for Walk the Walk.  Oh what fun we are going to have.