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Challenge - Complete 1 Step Class!!

Monday 16th April 2012.

Jane Sturdy (Sturdster) had been challenged by one of her Mums, to complete one of her step classes in Burstwick.  Just to clarify that our lovely Sturdster is the local midwife,  and lovingly calls all her 'patients', her Mums.  Whilst trying to obtain sponsors for our upcoming Moonwalk, Lynda, who runs the Step class, told Jane that she would donate £25 if she completed one of her classes.   Then Lynda's husband said that he would match the donation.  So with a potential £50 at stake,  Jane rallied around the rest of the Follies to see who was up for it.  Lynda had also wavered the class fee of £4 per person but we agreed we should all put our fee into the sponsor pot. So the challenge was now worth a fantastic £70!!!! 

The date was set for Monday 16th April 2012, 7pm at Burstwick Village Hall.  Unfortunately some of the Follies already had other commitments but Sturdster, Benno, Tina and myself were up for it, along with our wonderful Fringe Follie, Christine (Bennos Mum).  I have to say I was very excited as I had done Step before....about 24 years ago!! I loved it then, but knew it would be hard, oh gawd and would the knee hold up?????

We arrived at Burstwick Village Hall, dressed in our matching training gear.... we looked so good.  Lynda was there with a smile and a lovely welcome which was almost ignored by our eagerness to secure steps at the back of the hall!!!   The hall was full, it's obviously a very popular class.  

Smile... :0) x

The other ladies were inquisitive as to who we were, and what we were doing.  Some even said that they had read about us in the local paper - fame at last!.

The steps were all set out for us on the lowest height as we were beginners.  Apart from me, I don't believe the others had done step before,  and I was a tad nervous and very rusty, so gawd help us all. 

Lynda gave us some basic tips.....make sure you put your full foot on the step and keep your head up but also try and keep a slight eye on where your step is. Forget about the arm movements until you were OK with the footwork.  Blimey this was going to be fun.  Fortunately Lynda was starting a new routine for the class and had kept it a little easier due to our lack of experience.    Prior to the class starting,  Lynda explained to her regular ladies, who we were and why we were there.  She also said that she and her husband had challenged Sturdster, as she was the only one of us she knew....  So basically we could have just watched from the sidelines.  No we wouldn't leave Sturdster to face this alone....would we!?!?

The music starts, the challenge begins - first we needed to warm up.   It soon became apparent that despite us being adults, we actually didn't know our left from our right, or manage to step onto the bloody step correctly... (well some of us anyway).   I had to really concentrate but soon got back into the rhythm of it...sort of...maybe...a little bit.  A couple of comments from the Follies at the back.. "that's never just the warm up"; "I'm knackered already"; "We done now, can I go home?".... afraid not girls there is £70 to earn...Go Follies!

Warm up complete and we're already very sweaty and panting.....this can't be a good sign.  Between us, I think we had more trips and going wrong than the rest of the class put together.  At least we were at the back, out of sight.

So, onwards and upwards...  new routine to learn.  Lynda went through it step by step very slowly, but sorry to say,  not really slow enough.  The giggling started as we started the new routine.... step left, tap, no right, then left...OMG!  Christine was on the step next to mine,  with Benno, Tina and Sturdster on the row behind.

Really trying to keep in time and ultimately to go the correct way,  we at last got into the groove along with  lots of puffing and panting, a few OMGs, giggling and the odd swear word.

Steady there Sturdster!

By this time,   I have to say I was beginning to get with it a bit more....names of steps and directions were coming back to me.....oh but I had to concentrate.  Another water break and we were looking even sweatier, hotter and turning lovely shades of red blotch and paleness.

V-step, step tap, rocking horse, around the world ....yep started to just about remember them.  Feeling very warm at this point,  I was lucky that Tina behind me,  was kind enough to give me a shower by throwing water from her water bottle all over me.  Howls of laughter from Benno erupted with 1000 apologies form Tina.."I'm so sorry Jayne,  I didn't mean water bottle is broken".  Just remember Tina,  revenge is sweet and now mine!!!  Mwhahahahahaha!

Another water break!  Then back to it.  At this point I noticed that Christine had moved to the step behind...Did I smell that bad?????  The clock seemed to be on a go-slow.  Sturdster was still doing her best to get her left and rights correct,  Tina had given up for a tad and decided to take some photos,  with Benno, Christine and I doing our best.     So,  the next routine involved step, squat x4 then knee lift,  then 3x squat then leg lifts oh gawd what came next????? No time to work it out,  back to the beginning; step, squat x4.......

Go Benno and Christine...

Sturdster decided to let anyone who would listen know that she had never done step before.  This was important I feel, as I really think she hid it well and it wasn't at all obvious...hahaha...

More combinations of ridiculous steps and we were almost done.....or so we thought.   Lynda shouted to put the steps away and grab a mat... oh no abs and stuff!!  Taking our steps away,  other ladies were very encouraging and telling us all how fantastic we had done.  I think we were certainly entertaining,  even from the back of the hall!  We were certainly the most blotchy and panting ladies in the room!

So abs work.  Sit ups....3 up, 3 down, 3 up, 3 down...again and again....then 2 up, 2 down, 2 least there was no left or rights hahahah.  Then pulses...with tummies shouting and hurting so much, we completed the workout....or so we thought.

Then... that classic moment we get at every outing, came along (you know, the one where a Follie does or says something which has the rest of us in stitches)....Lynda announces The exercise Benno dreads so much....The Plank!  Her face was a picture, so funny, I had to quickly look away from her as I knew my tummy muscles and bladder muscles were so tired they would not hold if I cracked up with laughter!!!  She hates them!!  So Lynda says don't worry we're only doing them for a minute!  WHAT,  a whole minute....the pain...don't look Bennos'way!!!! Hahahah oh gawd, cross the legs Beckster!!!

After Benno calmed down and I had compose myself, off we go.  Sturdster, Tina and Christine hadn't done these before but tried so hard.  Sturdsters back really didn't like them at all,  but good on her she did her best.  I dare not face Benno,  so wasn't sure how she, her mum or Tina were doing,  but I reckon they too pushed it to their limit.  I tried my hardest but had to come down twice, finishing with a 25 second plank...Arms shaking, legs throbbing, backs sweating like a b***er, we all collapse onto the mats.  Next up - stretching.   Now this would be lovely.....well it certainly stretched us out,  not sure how far on the lovely scale it actually went.

Class done... we'd made it...yeehaaaaa!!!!   From my point of view I was hooked all over again,  a hard but fantastic workout....I am going back! Hoping that some more Follies will join me...:0) x

Lynda congratulated us and said how well we had done.   A fantastic class that I would recommend to everyone!

Thank you Sturdster for letting us join you on this challenge.  Thank you Lynda for challenging Sturdster and certainly putting us through our paces....thank you to the other ladies in the class for putting up with us... and a huge thank you to Lynda and her husband for the sponsor!  £70 in the bag...big smiles.  Go Follies...:0) x

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