Monday, 7 May 2012

It's the Final Countdown

Well here we are with only 6 days to go before we get on the train for the London Moonwalk 2012.  A 26.2 mile (marathon) walk around the streets of London for Walk the Walk (raising awareness for breast cancer).  We've eaten healthily, we've pounded streets and treadmills, we've laughed, we've cried, we've socialised but more importantly we have bonded friendships that will last a lifetime.

I have to say that when I posted the event on facebook 11 months ago (to the day!) asking if anyone was interested I never expected either the interest or the friendships I received for the event. 

When we chose our team name for The Moonwalk and became The Yorkshire Follies we quickly established ourselves to be a small group of people not only wanted to better our own lives but improving the lives of others around us less fortunate.  We have held talks, charity nights, quizzes, raffles, cake stalls amongst other events and raised well in excess of £2,500 for charities including Headway, WTW, Movember, HER breast friends and Run for All to name but a few. 

We have had the pleasure of having a feature in our local paper we have monthly meetings, we have our own bank account and our fundraising is going from strength to strength.

So why do I feel so down at the moment?? :o(

Whenever I have done challenges before I have always been quiet on the week leading up to an event.  It always leads me back to the beginning of my own journey, why I started, what I have achieved and what I have gained (and lost!) along the way. 

Next to the loss of our daughter losing my Dad was one of the most devastating days of my life.  He was my precious Dad, my role model and my friend, the man I looked up too and confided in. In a funny sort of way I look forward to this week because I feel so close to him, I know he watches over me all the time and I know he helps me through.  Not that I don't think of him all the time but it's as though this week is 'his' week because I concentrate on him all the more.  I remember the precious memories of times we had together and know he is smiling down on me with pride.

This week seems so different to all my other challenges though.  I have only ever had myself to think about before, myself to worry about and myself to get through. Over the last year I seem to have managed to change not only my life but of others around me. 

What started out as a little walk down Thirtlby Lane seemed to spiral quite rapidly into new beginnings.  Next weekend I have 6 other people depending on me to help them succeed.  I have helped them train as much as I possibly can, I've advised them to the best of my ability and now it is their turn to shine.  The girls have set there first ever challenge and I'm proud of each and every one of them. 

Katy, Jayne, Annmarie, Jane, Caroline and Tina
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and wish each and everyone of you good luck. 
I know that you will succeed not just through your training but through pure guts and determination and I am proud to be walking beside you.
I hope I've done you proud.
Lots of love

Unfortunately, although we will be starting the Moonwalk together, work and family ties have not seen some of the Follies train as much as others to finish as a team.  It is a little disappointing but it is as difficult for a faster member to slow down as it is for a slower member to speed up so we have decided between us that we would be together for as long as we need to and then use the hotel as our meeting point.  I have every confidence that we will all cross the finish line and be sporting our medals when we go out to dinner on Sunday evening.

Tomorrow we have a talk at our local toddler group and our local school are hosting a 'dress in pink day' for us on Friday with us going into assembly to explain what we have been up too and to see us off. 

So next time you hear from us we will have medals round our necks and memories to cherish with our first Yorkshire Follies challenge behind us.

And what's next... We have a 10k at the beginning of June, the Humber bridge half marathon at the end of June, Race for life in July and The Great North Run in September!!  Look forward to catching up with you soon


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