Thursday, 15 September 2011

Jayne Beck


Well what can I say about................................................. Jayne?!?!?! Hahahahahahahahahaha.

I've known Jayne for about a year through the school that our children go too, dropping them off and  picking them up.  Then latterly through F.O.S.S.A (friends of Sproatley School Association) our schools fundraising group.  We are both members with Jayne being the secretary *still waiting for minutes!!*. 

It was Annmarie that initiallymentioned to her about our walking activities and before she or any of us knew it she was well and truly hooked, out nearly every day and falling down on most of them! Going out with injured knees bruised legs, swollen ankles - nothing stopped her because Jayne has found something she loves doing and was getting such a buzz out of it.

Again Jayne really will do anything for anyone always lending a hand and is always willing to go that extra mile.............LITERALLY.  Many's a time we've been out walking for a short 4 miler and have come back 7 or even 9 miles later not even knowing we've walked that far because we have talked and laughed non stop along the way.

Jayne always comes across as the life and soul of the party but there is a side to her that she never seems to give herself credit for.  She has such enthusiasm  not just for everything she does but also for helping others.  She'll push and encourage you to go just that little bit more, JUST when it's needed and always just at the right time.  We really don't know where we would be without her personality on board.

Although Jayne has a partner, daughter and 2 dogs who she often used to walk, since starting doing 'proper' exercise (sorry Jayne couldn't resist)  with us on the 10th July she has logged every mile.  Whether it has been walked with us, walked with Shaun and the dogs  or cycled with Molly it has been entered into her notebook and so far from just walking, she has covered an incredible 149.2 miles.  I have to say though, I'm still to know if she has a column in there that gives injuries sustained when she is out??  If she's not dropping her water bottle she is dropping herself!

I suppose I best introduce you too her properly now, although it has to be said she is as gorgeous as Cheryl Cole anyway!!

I love you Jayne and thank you so much for being just you, you really do brighten my day.


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