Monday, 12 September 2011

Katy Wood


Contrary to popular belief I've know Katy for over 8 years.  We first met during a local talent competition but it's only over the last couple of years that we have become really close friends.

In my honest opinion, she is possibly one of the best reporters in the area and when I say that she will do ANYTHING for ANYONE I really do mean it.  Katy has not only raised thousands of pounds for charity on her own behalf, she also supports anyone else attempting to raise money for worthy causes, whether it's by supporting them via the local paper, putting her hand in her pocket to sponsor individuals directly or just getting stuck in and helping out.

Katy's had her own 'rubbish' to deal with over the last year or so but she always presents herself with a smile and is ready to listen to your problems rather than burden you with hers.  I admire her so much for showing such resolve, anyone else would have hidden under a very large rock but she has come out fighting and it's made her all the more loving and caring. 

Katy like myself comes from a very close family and her Mum, Dad and brother are wonderful people who present the true epitomy of what a family should be. They work together sharing problems and opportunities and demonstrate a wonderful rapport.  We've had the pleasure of spending many times with them as a family and look forward to many more in the future.

Katy and I have always been able to 'put the world to rights' chatting easily and openly about so many things.  We've laughed and cried as we've gone along helping each other with our problems and worries.  To me that is what friendship is about - sharing in things whether it's good or bad and helping each other deal with the highs and lows of whatever life throws at you. 

Katy is yet another of our group that is always striving towards a healthier life and this has presented the opportuity to talk often about diet, fitness and lifestyle.  When work and other committments allow we also enjoy training together .  When Katy decided to join us on the Moonwalk I was absolutely delighted and knew that even though I was the only person in the group she knew she would soon be laughing and working along with everyone else - I wasn't wrong!

Katy is doing a skydive next weekend for Dove House and the Love you 2 appeal (yes it is debatable whether she is insane!!).  I'm just gutted that we can't be there to support her by being there to watch her skydive but we shall be in Newcastle preparing for the Great North Run that falls on the same weekend!  I for one wish her all the luck in the world and look forward to hearing all about it.


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