Saturday, 10 September 2011

Annmarie Bennett

You know about me from the post above (only I'm now 42!!).

Over the next few days I would like to introduce you to our walking group.


Back in June a girl in the village came and asked me about my weightloss and if she could have a chat. ME miss a chance to put the kettle on?? NEVER!!!!

With a very common starting point and an even more common goal, Annmarie and I were soon chatting like long lost friends and got on like a house on fire. After 3 hrs she left with my telephone number and the promise she would be in touch.

The next week she asked about going for a walk and off we trotted, just for an hour and both came back pooped but having talked non stop all the way felt full of purpose - and hope.

We always say everyone has a story - It was the loss of my Dad that started my journey. It was the thought of leaving her children on their own with no parent that started hers. Annmarie is a lady who lost her husband Dave (4 yrs ago) to heart disease at the stupidly young age of 27. She has been left under tragic circumstances to bring up 2 beautiful children on her own (with the help and support of her family and friends) but still she is on her own. With Kalem, her youngest being disabled Annmarie never sees what she does for him or Elisha or anyone else for that matter. She NEVER complains, helps everybody as much as she possibly can is in the middle of a Uni course but thinks everyone else is always worse off than she is.

We are now 2 months down the line and Annmarie has lost 1 1/2 stone. I'm so proud of her but more importantly admire her so much. Elisha and Kalem are a credit to both her and Dave. They are wonderful kids and I have no doubt that their Dad shines on them all every second of every day.

I hope our journey and friendship continues for years to come.


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