Monday, 3 October 2011

Caroline Whincup


I first met Caroline about 2 years ago when she came to see me about hiring one of my dresses for a ball she was going too.  As with all my ladies I made her feel welcome and hopefully made her feel special.  We eventually found her perfect dress and after a couple of spray tans away she went and had a fantastic night wearing a Simply Elliegance gown.  People are always grateful and say thank you but Caroline is one of the only people ever to have sent a thank you card to the business so I think I did a good job.

That was the last I heard until Jayne B said she was at a slimming club with a girl I'd previously met . . . . .  low and behold it was the same Caroline.

When I saw her again I was astounded at how much weight she had lost.  Well over 5 stone and looking incredible.  Before long she was showing an interest in walking with us but with so little self esteem and  thinking there was no way she would be able to keep up, she did not dare to say she would 'Walk the Walk'. 

It wasn't long though before she was setting herself her first ever Challenge of doing the London Moonwalk 2012.

Caroline has twin boys whom she idolises and it certainly shows in the way she talks about them and supports them.  They are her world and that is very evident.

Here is a lady that has developed from someone who would drive in her car to the corner shop to someone that now walks on the treadmill for over an hour each day; from someone that hated any form of exercise to someone who now lives at the gym and gains so much from it-  and it is showing.  Not only is her her physique changing but also her personality! 

When I've met people along my journey it always amazes me that I can somehow see myself in them. Is that what connects people do you think? Caroline has so much to give yet seems frightened somehow of giving herself any justice or reward. Not daring to try something just incase she fails and thinks she looks silly. Well she certainly is trying new things and is certainly not looking silly, all she needs to do is start believing she can do things and she will certainly amaze herself like she is amazing others.

I'm certainly looking forward to getting to know her better.


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