Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tina Muldowny


This particular blog is probably going to be a short one and you will soon see why.....

When we first started our walking group there were names flying all over the place and people dropping in and out of walks and conversations.  Eventually things settled down and culminated into 8 of us that were committed wholeheartedly into signing up for the London Moonwalk 2012.

I kept hearing the name Tina from everyone but to be honest I had absolutely no idea who had introduced her. 

I knew that she was aquainted with Jane because they had worked together and I knew there was a link with Annmarie because their girls Bethany and Elisha went to school together.  Her son Bailey is looked after by Christine, Annmarie's mum who is his childminder.  Are you confused yet???   Now you can see my problem!

Tina has only managed to meet us for a couple of walks because of work commitments and the demands placed on her by her children and a single parent existence.  What has struck me is the ease in which she gets on with everybody even though she is possibly the most shy person I have ever met. . . . .  another one of us with low self esteem it seems?  I remember that on her first walk she hardly said a word only to say how grateful she was that she was meeting new people and new friends.

When we set of on our journey we all committed to getting healthier, getting our fitness up to the same level and when we went out on team walks that we would help each other along.  Because of her sheer determination and enthusiasm for the challenge she has set herself and the fact she can't get out walking as often as others, Tina trains on the treadmill she has at home every night tokeep up her fitness. She hates the thought that she may get left behind but one thing is for sure,  the way she is going she will be running a marathon well before the rest of us!

I really do look forward to spending more time with Tina - on the few occasions that we have met she has been an absolute hoot.

Just one more Follie to introduce!!!.........


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