Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Ellie Birch - a different perspective

Happy, Proud and Determined!!

So – Ellie thought that she’d got away scot-free!  . . . . . . Not so, Lady – pin your ears back! Lol

It will come as no surprise to anyone when I tell you that Ellie is the most wonderful wife and mother but there is much, much more to this young lady.  I might be accused of being biased but those of you who know her will, I am sure, agree whole heartedly with my comments and observations.

Ellie has already explained the how and why our group was formed but it really didn’t “just happen” . . . . it was a far from easy journey.

Ever since her dear dad (and my very dear friend) passed away she has been driven with a desire not only to improve her own fitness and wellbeing but also to raise awareness of the cause and effects of heart disease and whilst doing so, raise funds for charity, primarily but not limited to the BHF.

From the very start, the enthusiasm and commitment with which she embarked on this crusade was contagious and the success of this change of lifestyle so obvious that friends and acquaintances became intrigued with her methods and wanted to know more!!

As with most new projects / ventures, the initial period is usually the most successful as determination, novelty and dramatic results provide the motivation to continue and improve.  This was certainly the case with Ellie as she shattered her initial weight loss target and discovered just how good life could be!!

Alas – some 18 months ago a shoulder injury and two subsequent operations meant that the training schedule that she so enjoyed had to be put on hold. The noticeable effect on her mental attitude and general habitus was a real problem for her!

Earlier this year, thank heavens, her injury was cleared and she was able to re-establish her training and healthy eating regime and start to overcome the frustrations of the previous months.

Ever searching for new challenges, Ellie had become involved with the local school during this relative period of inactivity and in so doing, opened the door to many new friendships and the inevitable discussions about her lifestyle.  It was the results of one particular liaison that inspired her to share her methodology (dare I say doctrine?) in a much more positive and open manner and so after much soul searching and deliberation about the best vehicle with which to carry this forward, the local walking group was formed . . . . . their first challenge being to walk the “London Moonwalk, 2012” . . . . . enter the Yorkshire Follies!

This group of dedicated, barmy, fun loving  keep-fit ladies has been a real  tonic for Ellie, and the friendships and camaraderie that has developed since its inception is evidenced by the seemingly endless banter and chit-chat on the groups FB page – who will ever get the last word!!

But make no bones about it people – this is a group with a purpose, driven by a lady who will only settle for the best and for whom the word failure  does not exist!

She is an inspiration, a wonderful example of what can be achieved by resolve, commitment and sheer guts and hard work.

She is my Ellie, my soul mate . I love her to bits  and I’m proud to be part of her dream!


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